Digitizer Does Not Work

If the digitizer does not appear to be working correctly, try the following solutions before you Contact Trimble Viewpoint.

Reset the Digitizer

For a serial connection, unplug the serial cable attached to the board, followed by the power cable. Plug them both back in.

For a USB connection, unplug the USB cable and plug it back in.

In either case, the digitizer should return 4 beeps. Any other beep code returned could indicate a malfunction. If you receive no beeps, verify the board is receiving power and all cables are seated securely.

Reset the Digitizer Code

In the lower-left corner of a roll-up digitizer or at the top of a hardboard digitizer, there is a series of digits from 0 to 9 preceded by an S. (Do not confuse this with your menu pad. The code panel is built into the digitizer.) Using the tip of your stylus pen, press the tip on the S, followed by the 0, and then the 1 (S01). The digitizer should return 4 beeps. If you receive more than 4 beeps, Contact Trimble Viewpoint.

Check Drawing Location

You must Locate Estimate Drawing before you can use the digitizer. If you are unable to digitize your plans, it is possible that you have skipped this step. In addition, make sure that you haven't located a drawing over your mouse pad area or your menu pad area. For more information on locating drawings, see Add, Remove, and Rename Sheets.

Restart the Computer

Occasionally, Windows power management features may disable the digitizer drivers when the computer enters Sleep mode. Try resolving the problem by shutting down and restarting your computer.

Relocate the Mouse and Menu Pads

Try relocating the mouse pad and menu pad.

Reinstall the Digitizer Driver

Occasionally a driver can be corrupted by outside sources, such as Windows security patches. Reinstalling the drivers can resolve many issues with digitizers where the hardware is functioning properly. See Install and Configure the Digitizer Driver for more information.

Check Stylus Button Settings

If you are experiencing difficulty using the digitizer only in the Earthwork module, you may need to reset the stylus button settings.

Open an earthwork job, select Preferences from the Tools menu, and then select the Digitizer Buttons tab. Make sure that the button actions are appropriate for the cursor you are using. The tip button should be set to Fire and the lower button should be set to Finished. For more information on changing stylus button settings, see the Preferences screen topic.