Earthwork Integration

Use the integration between the Earthwork module and the Estimating module to quickly add Earthwork quantities to your estimate.

The Earthwork panel in the Estimate tab allows you to view the Earthwork summary and the estimate side by side and allows you to drag and drop the imported Earthwork quantities directly into your estimate. This streamlines the integration between Earthwork and Estimating and eliminates the need to manually cut and paste to a clipboard to move Earthwork quantity information into Estimating.

To use the integration with the Earthwork module, you must first export the Earthwork job totals. You can have Viewpoint Estimating automatically export the job totals by selecting the Export Summary to Estimator checkbox in the Earthwork Preferences screen. With that checkbox selected, when you open the Summary tab in an Earthwork job, the job totals are automatically exported to a TOE file. If the checkbox is not selected, you must manually Export Job Totals.

Once the Earthwork job totals have been exported, you can select the exported Earthwork job to view in the estimate tab. The Earthwork quantities are displayed in a notepad view in the Earthwork panel. You can drag and drop fields from the notepad into the Description, Qty, or Units fields in cost items in the estimate. You can also control how the Earthwork notepad panel is displayed.

If the quantity you drag into a cost item is in a different type of measurement system, Viewpoint Estimating will automatically convert the units. For example, if the Earthwork job is metric and the Estimating job is imperial and you drag a quantity in meters to a cost item that is feet, Viewpoint Estimating will convert the quantity in meters to a quantity in feet. However, if the units are from the same measurement system, but different units, Viewpoint Estimating will not change the quantity or units. For example, if you drag a quantity that is measured in feet to a cost item that is measured in square feet, Viewpoint Estimating will copy the quantity in feet as is. Viewpoint Estimating will provide a warning message that the units are incompatible and cannot be converted. You can either overwrite the quantity with the quantity from the Earthwork job or cancel the drag and drop.

You can integrate as many Earthwork jobs into an Estimate as you want. The Earthwork notepad displays the name of the TOE file in the panel title bar, allowing you to track which Earthwork job totals you are currently viewing.

Earthwork Notepad Panel

  • Click to view the Earthwork notepad panel.

  • Click to "pin" the panel so that it displays at all times.

  • Click to "unpin" the panel so that it displays when you mouse over its tab.

  • You can move the panel to the top, left, right, or bottom of the screen.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.