Perform Takeoff for an item in a visual assembly

  1. Open the visual assembly.
  2. To select a field in a visual assembly to perform takeoff into, click Express next to the quantity field in the visual assembly you want to take off.
  3. In the Minimize VA popup window, click Yes to continue. The visual assembly minimizes and the Takeoff tab displays.
    Note: If you do not want future prompts to display when clicking Express , select the Don't ask again checkbox in the Minimize VA popup window before clicking Yes. You can also control whether or not the prompt displays using the Prompt before Express Takeoff setting in the Estimating Preferences screen.

    If you need to cancel the takeoff and return to the visual assembly, press Esc.

  4. Once you have checked the quantity items you want to digitize into, you can now begin taking off your annotations.
  5. Digitize the item. The takeoff tool required for the quantity is selected by default.
  6. Click Finish on the toolbar or double-click the mouse on the final point.
  7. In the Reference field, enter a reference number for the item.
  8. In the Description field, make any changes to the description for the item.
  9. In the Comment field, enter any comments for the item.
  10. Click Layers to assign the annotation to specific layers. See Use Layers for more information.
  11. The Takeoff panel area is disabled, but the quantity from the takeoff is displayed.
  12. In the Show as area, select the option for the unit of measurement to display.
  13. In the Show this form on Takeoff finish area, select one of the following options to set the preferences of when the Finish Takeoff window is displayed.
    • Always – Finish Takeoff displays after every annotation is finished or an existing annotation is opened.

    • New Item – Shows the Finish Takeoff dialog only when a new annotation is placed on the takeoff.

    • When selected – Displays the Finish Takeoff dialog only when an existing annotation is opened.

  14. Click Add under Send to Data to accept the quantity and return to the visual assembly window.