Make bid day adjustments

  1. Open a job in the Manage Estimates screen.
  2. Open the Estimate tab.
  3. Click Bid Day on the speedbar and select the bid day instance you want to work with from the list.
  4. Open the Summary tab.
  5. Click Set Exclusive to be able to edit the bid day instance values.
  6. If you haven't set the levels to summarize, click Levels on the speedbar. If you have set the levels to summarize, go to step 9.
  7. In the Level 1 field in the Summary Criteria window, click to select the WBS code by which you want to summarize. Repeat for each level you want to summarize.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Select the Show estimate checkbox to see the summary for the estimate.
  10. Select the Show cost item detail checkbox to display the cost item detail. Deselect this checkbox to show the data at the WBS code level only.
  11. Make adjustments as needed to the fields highlighted in purple. Adjusted fields that have not been applied are highlighted in peach with orange text.
    Note: If you adjust the item to below the cost amount, the application displays a confirmation message to ensure that the change is intentional.
  12. Click Apply on the speedbar to allocate the financial cost items based on the adjustments. The modified fields are highlighted in peach with black text in the Summary tab and in the Estimate tab.
  13. Make additional adjustments to the modifiable fields and apply them as needed.
  14. If you want to remove all adjustments from the bid day estimate and reset to the original amounts, click Clear on the speedbar.