Round the Summary

You can specify the rounding to use in the Summary tab with a bid day instance. See Create a Bid Day Instance for information on creating a bid day instance. You can round the unit price and estimate amount for the estimate, alternates, and change orders.

Unit price bidders can round bid item amounts and unit prices and have the extended amounts change so that they will always equal quantity times unit price.

Select the WBS levels to view, keeping in mind that rounding is done on the lowest selected WBS level. Fields that can be rounded appear highlighted in purple. Once you round the data, click Apply to recalculate the financials and spread the new amounts accordingly. Fields that are changed in this process are highlighted in peach in the Summary tab and in the Estimate tab.

If the unit cost times the quantity does not equal the total, then the total is displayed in red. If the total divided by the quantity does not equal the unit cost, then the unit cost is displayed in red. Fields only appear in red when you select to display less than four (0.0001) decimal places.

The totals for the initial bid and the totals for the bid day instance are displayed at the bottom of the Summary tab, with the changed values highlighted. If needed, you can continue rounding data. You can also clear the rounding.