Customize Grids

Screens feature versatile grids. Customize the way certain grids appear using the Grid Setting pane.

You can still use the same features available in all grids, such as selecting the columns to view, changing the order of columns, and sorting the columns in alphanumeric order. The Grid Settings pane allows you to customize the grid even further and save your customizations for future use. The application remembers the last saved grid you viewed on each screen and displays that grid the next time you open the screen.

The grid settings only apply to the grid where they are set. They cannot be applied to other grids in the application. For example, if you save grid settings on the View Projects Setup screen, those settings are only available on that View Project Setups screen. The Grid Settings pane displays which grid settings are currently in use at the top of the pane.

You can use grid settings on the following screens:
  • View Invitation to Bid Document Logs
  • View Bid Log
  • View Invitations to Bid
  • View Estimating Setups
  • View Tasks
  • View Alerts
  • View Binder Items
  • View Administration Setups