Grid Settings - Filtering and Sorting Grids

Filter and sort data in a grid.

Filter the data in a column

  1. Click in the filter row to select the filter operator.
  2. Enter the filter criteria or click to select the filter criteria from a list of valid values.

    Alternatively, click to select a value in the column, (Blanks), (NonBlanks), or Custom to specify a custom filter.

Create a custom filter

For a detailed procedure, see Create a Custom Filter for the Data in a Column.

Clear the filter criteria

Mouse over the filter row and click . To remove all filters from the grid, click in the upper left corner.

Sort the data by one or more columns

  1. Click the header row of the column you want to sort.

    The sort indicator (a triangle pointing up) appears and the column sorts from lowest to highest or from A to Z.

  2. Click the header row again to sort from highest to lowest or from Z to A.
  3. Hold the [Ctrl] key and click on the header row of multiple columns to sort by those columns.