Save Report Options

You can save the data entered in the fields on the Options tab for a report for use the next time you run that report using the Report Settings pane.

You can save report options for your use only or you can share your saved options with all users. The application remembers the last saved report options you viewed on each report screen and displays those options the next time you open the screen.

Saved options only apply to the report where they are set. They cannot be applied to other reports in the application. For example, if you save report options on the Bonding Report screen, those options are only available on the Bonding Report screen. The Report Settings pane displays which report options are currently in use at the top of the pane.

When you save the report options, the application saves the data as you have entered it on the Options tab of a report screen, except for date fields. To save the information in a date field, you must enter a data formula by clicking in a date field. If you do not enter a data formula, the application will use the default value for the date field. Using a date formula, you can enter a specific date or a relative date to have the application determine the date to use. For example, you can create a date formula to always use the first day of the current month. See Date Formulas for more information.

Tip: To quickly run a report using a set of saved options, add the report to a shortcut widget on your Home Page and select the saved options to use. When you open the report from the home page, the application automatically runs the report using the saved options.