3D Tab

The 3D Tab in the Earthwork module allows you to view a representation of the existing, proposed, and substrata layers in three dimensions.

This feature gives you a better understanding of the scope of a job as well as a clearer picture of how the job site looks.

Tips for Using the 3D Tab

  • Depending on your current view on the 3D Tab, certain keyboard shortcuts may not be available. For example, pressing [N] to return the 3D Tab to its original position only works when you have already changed the position.

  • Clicking Normal will not remove the magnification on the z-axis (depth) on the job.

  • Areas that have been set to exclude from totals will appear as green in the 3D Tab.

  • If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can magnify any region on the 3D Tab by moving your cursor over the region you want to magnify and scrolling up with the scroll wheel. Scrolling down reduces the magnification level.