Area Tab

The Area Tab enables you to digitize areas in a job site.

Areas are primarily used to identify regions of the site that you will use to calculate cut and fill totals at the job site, such as a site perimeter, job phase, or borrow pit. Areas allow you to raise and lower the elevations of an area and calculate the material volumes in that area.

Tips for Using the Area Tab

  • Depending on what you have currently selected on the Area Tab, certain keyboard shortcuts may not be available. For example, pressing [Q] to enter a reference point only works when you have an area selected.
  • Double-click on a selected area to open the Properties popup window for the area. You can also click Prop. or press [R] to open the Properties popup window.
  • If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can magnify any region on the Area Tab by moving your cursor over the region you want to magnify and scrolling up with the scroll wheel. Scrolling down reduces the magnification level.
  • You can use the keyboard for magnification purposes. Pressing [I] increases magnification on the center of the drawing; pressing [O] decreases it.
  • If you have digitized multiple areas, you can cycle through them by pressing [+] and [–].

  • When you have magnified the tab, you can move the sheet by pressing and holding Ctrl and moving the mouse toward the area of the sheet you want to view. Release Ctrl to continue working as normal.
  • Right-click within the Area Tab to access Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Zoom Out options without using the keyboard.
  • If working with vectors, you can use Copy (Ctrl+C and Paste (Ctrl+V) options to easily create multiple areas at once from selected vectors. See the Digitizing an Area topic for more information.