Grids on the NotePad Tab

The NotePad tab features its own specific grid.

NotePad Grid

  • Click on a row number at the left of the grid to select an entire row.
  • Click on a column heading at the top of the grid to select an entire column.
  • Click on the gray box at the upper-left of the grid to select the entire grid.
  • Press Delete to delete a row from a grid. The Backspace key only removes the selected data when editing an individual field.
  • Select a column and press Delete to delete all columns.
  • Press Tab to move through the fields on the grid.
  • Click Sort on the speedbar to sort columns in the grid.
  • Click Columns on the speedbar to open a toolbar with additional column options.
  • Many available grid functions can be accessed by right-clicking on a field or selected row/column.