Formatted Text Editor

Some fields include a formatted text editor, which enables you to control the look of your text. The formatted text editor is often available for fields that allow long text entry, such as description fields. These fields feature the formatted text icon . Click the icon or press F4 to display the formatted text editor.

  • You can add a Standard Text screen entry from a lookup list, which allows you to use predefined text in the editor.
  • As an alternative to selecting a standard text entry from a lookup list, you can use the macro function to insert a standard text entry in the formatted text editor. To do this, type an ampersand (&) and enter the code for the standard text entry. Then, press the Spacebar. The application replaces this text with the standard text entry.
  • Tabs are not supported in the formatted text editor.
  • The default font style and size are set on the System Settings screen.