Each screen in Viewpoint Estimating features various icons and keyboard shortcuts that make them easy to use no matter how you like to work.

The following sections outline tips for using the different interface components.


Enter data to the header area (that is, the top section of the screen), then press Tab or Enter to unlock the body of the screen and all of the tabs.

On the right side of the quick link bar, Viewpoint Estimating displays commands related to the current screen. These commands often display screens that are the next step in a process.


Each screen is displayed within a separate tab. You can have as many tabs open at one time as you want.

To close a tab, click the X within the tab. To close all tabs, right-click on a tab and select Close All Tabs from the menu. To close all tabs except for one, right click on the tab you want to remain open and select Close Other Tabs from the menu. If there are any unsaved changes, Viewpoint Estimating prompts you to save the changes.
Note: To expand your work area, you can open existing tabs as new windows. To use this feature, select the tab name and drag the tab outside of the main window.

You can set a custom color for the screen tab and border in the Company screen. The screen tab and screen border appear in the selected color when the company is the active company on the screen.


Fields with a yellow background are required. Fields with a white background are optional. Fields with a gray background are disabled.

Press Tab or Enter to move through the fields on the screen.

Press Alt+Enter to enter a line break in a formatted text field or a multi-line field.


Mouse over the All Tasks icon on the left side of the screen to display the All Tasks pane.

Mouse over the Messages icon on the left side of the screen to display the Messages pane. The Message pane displays and "pins" when Viewpoint Estimating generates a message. Certain informational messages will display briefly instead of pinning.