Advanced Image Manager

You can install Advanced Image Manager (AIM) on the same computer with Viewpoint Estimating or on a separate computer.

Viewpoint Advanced Image Manager (AIM) is a valuable tool for modifying and organizing many types of drawings, reports, and image files for import into Viewpoint Estimating and other applications. You can use AIM to remove unneeded pages, rotate images, and select layers to import. You can then save the file as a PDF or export it for digital takeoff. You can even drag and drop pages directly from AIM into a vendor invoice record in Viewpoint Estimating to attached scanned invoices. You can download and use Advanced Image Manager for free as part of your Viewpoint support agreement.

The computer must have Internet access and be running at least the minimum required version of Windows.
Note: AIM is available in a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. Due to memory limitations on 32-bit operating systems, some options in the 64-bit version of AIM are not available in the 32-bit version. For example, the 64-bit version enables you to export images at higher resolutions than the 32-bit version.

You can open PDF, JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, and TIF images in AIM and do the following:

  • Export images for digital takeoff (as TIF files) in color, grayscale, 1-bit dithered, or 1-bit threshold formats.
  • Save images as PDF files, even merging files and splitting a multi-page PDF into individual files.
  • Easily attach a scanned image of a vendor invoice as a binder item on the Enter Vendor Invoice, Adjust Vendor Invoice, View Vendor Invoice, and Enter Vendor Invoice Initial Balances screens.

In addition, when you add a sheet from a PDF file in Viewpoint Estimating, you can select to launch Advanced Image Manager, allowing you to select the sheets or layers to add to the job. See Adding, Removing, and Renaming Sheets for details.

Complete the following steps to get started with Advanced Image Manager:

  1. Download Advanced Image Manager.
  2. About your AIM License.