Hardboard and Roll-Up Digitizers

Viewpoint offers both hardboard and roll-up digitizers from GTCO that make it easier to enter information into your application from a drawing or a blueprint.
Choose one of these supported digitizers:
  • GTCO Roll-Up III
  • GTCO Roll-Up II
  • GTCO Roll-Up
  • GTCO Super L VI
  • GTCO Super L IV
  • GTCO Super L III
  • GTCO Super L II+
  • GTCO Super L II

Other digitizers may function with your application. If you are unsure whether your digitizer is compliant, Contact Trimble Viewpoint Support.

Note: Do not install a digitizer and a touch screen monitor on the same workstation.

Complete the following steps to set up a digitizer for use with your application:

  1. Depending on your digitizer type, do one of the following:
  2. Install and configure the digitizer driver. See Installing and Configuring the Digitizer Driver.
  3. Locate the mouse pad and the menu pad. See Locate the mouse pad and menu pad.