Considerations after Upgrading

After upgrading, review the following list of considerations.

  • If you customized any grids in Viewpoint Estimating by moving columns or showing/hiding columns with the field chooser, some grids may have been reset and the default grid may display after upgrading. In this case, you will need to re-customize the grid.
  • If you receive notification that the system-defined format of a form or report has been updated, try to run the report. Viewpoint recommends that you test your modified version before you need to use it in a time-sensitive situation. If there is a problem, you must correct or replace your modified version. For details, see Modify Forms screen or Modify Reports screen .
  • In the Users screen, confirm that at least one user is set as the Service Broker administrator. Service Broker is a feature of Microsoft SQL Server that manages requests to the server. This user will receive administrative messages (including failure notices) and activity messages from Service Broker.