System Settings screen

Use the System Settings screen to control system-wide settings.

Note: To open the System Settings screen, click Administration > Setup > System Settings in the All Tasks pane.

You can control the following settings:

  • Auto Assign Settings - The auto assign settings enable you to choose whether the application automatically assigns the codes for new vendors, customers/prospects, employees, and users.

    For example, when you enable an auto assign option, codes are assigned based on the name of the vendor, customer/prospect, employee, or user. The code will have a total of eight characters. If you set the Auto Assign Format field to Alphanumeric, the code will include the number of characters specified in the Number of Alpha Characters (1-5) field and use a sequential number for the remainder of the code. With the default auto assign settings, Viewpoint Estimating would assign a company named Viewpoint, Inc. a code of VIEWP001.

  • Posting Date Warning Settings - These settings determine when Viewpoint Estimating displays a warning message about a posting date being too far in the past or future.

  • Default Font for Rich Text Editor - These settings control the default font for the Formatted Text Editor used throughout the system. You can still change the font in the formatted text editor as needed.

  • Report Server Settings - The Report Server is a SQL Server component that enables certain reports to run, including all modifiable reports and all Dashboard reports.

    Note: Note that enabling the auto assign option gives you the option of having Viewpoint Estimating assign a code when you create a vendor, customer, prospect, employee, or user. You can still choose to create the code on your own.

Viewpoint Estimating has a default set of auto assign settings. You can modify these settings as needed.

  • Allow Auto Assign Option for Vendor: Yes

  • Allow Auto Assign Option for Customer/Prospect: Yes

  • Allow Auto Assign Option for Employee: Yes

  • Allow Auto Assign Option for User: No

  • Auto Assign Format: Alphanumeric

  • Number of Alphanumeric Characters (1-5): 5

Note: The System Settings screen is a step in the customization setup process. The View Administration Setups screen is the next step.