Modify codes

You can use the Change User Codes screen to modify existing codes for entities or values that you have created or imported to create new codes.

  1. Open the Change User Codes screen.
  2. In the Function field, click and select the type of codes you want to modify.
  3. If the Company field appears, click and select the company for the codes you want to modify.
  4. If the Country field appears, click and select the country for the codes you want to modify.
  5. If the Auto Assign New User Codes checkbox appears, select the checkbox to assign a code based on the item name. (You can edit auto assigned codes later.)
  6. Click Retrieve.
    Tip: You can filter the data in a column. Click in the filter row to select the filter operator. Then, enter the filter criteria or click to select the filter criteria from a list of valid values. To clear the filter criteria, mouse over the filter row and click .

    To group the view, drag the column header to be grouped above the other column headings. To clear the grouping, drag a grouped column down.

  7. In the New User Code field in the row for each code you want to modify, enter the new code or edit the auto assigned code.
  8. To print a list of new and old codes, click Print and then click OK. Optionally, you can click and select Page Setup or Preview.
  9. To export a list of the new and old codes click next to Export and select either Excel or Acrobat (PDF) file. Navigate to the folder location for saving the file.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Yes.