Create a Support File

Use the Create Support File screen to create a copy of your Viewpoint Estimating data at the direction of Viewpoint Customer Support or Professional Services.

CAUTION: The Create Support File screen is primarily intended for use by Viewpoint Customer Support and Professional Services. Do not use this function in place of creating a database backup.

Viewpoint Estimating creates the support file in the same folder as the database. The support file is named with the name of the database followed by the tmp and a date/time stamp (in the format YYYYMMDD_HHMM).

For example, if the database for the support file is MaxDemoDB and the date and time you created the support file is April 29, 2023 at 4:21 PM, the name of the support file will be

  1. On the Viewpoint Estimating server, open the Create Support File screen.
  2. To open the Create Support File screen, click Administration > Utilities > Create Support File in the All Tasks pane.
  3. Click Yes.
Depending on the size of your Viewpoint Estimating database, creating a support file can take up to 30 minutes. No feedback is shown during this process. A message is displayed when the process completes.