Vendor Import Template

Use the Vendor Import Template in conjunction with the Import Setup Data screen function to import vendor information.

The Vendor Import Template contains the following worksheets:
  • Vendor
  • Address
  • Joint Payee
  • Contact
  • Taxes
  • Compliance
  • UDF

In most cases, each worksheet corresponds directly to a tab of the related entry screen. Required fields in a worksheet are highlighted yellow; fields that are required only under certain conditions are highlighted gray. Viewpoint suggests formatting all values as text in the Excel template.

Include the primary information for the records you want to import on the first worksheet, ensuring that that each record has unique values in the key fields for the import type. For most import types, the first worksheet is the only worksheet that is required. Use the additional worksheets as needed to provide record details. When importing, the application uses the key fields for the import type to prevent duplicate records and to link detail records to primary records.

For example, the key field for the Vendor import type is Vendor. In the Vendor import template, include each new vendor in the Vendor worksheet, ensuring that each record has a unique value in the Vendor. If needed, include details for those vendors (such as addresses, contacts, or tax authority settings) in the additional worksheets.

Vendor Worksheet

VendorVendor NameOne Time VendorSort NamePayment TermsSales Tax AuthorityDefault Invoice Status1099 TypeOne Check Per InvoiceCheck Reference IndicatorOnly Print Details on Supplement Stub
1TAY100Taylor FuelNoTAYLOR FUELSN30NTOpenNoneNoProject NameNo
2RW200R&W SteelNoR&W STEELN30NTOpenNoneNoProjectNo

Address Worksheet

VendorAddress TypeStreet 1Street 2CityStateZipCountry
1TAY100Remit To2 Maple St PhiladelphiaPA19101United States
2RW200Remit To315 Main St SpringfieldPA19064United States

If a detail record does not match a primary record based on key field values, the application marks the detail record as “orphaned” during the validation process. If you continue with the import without correcting orphaned records in the import file, you must manually enter the orphaned records into the system.

Importing vendors is part of vendor setup. Before importing vendors, you must complete the following setup:

  • Accounts Payable Settings
  • Purchasing Settings

These steps must be performed manually.