Manage details for an invitation to bid for a specific vendor

  1. Open the Enter Invitation to Bid Request Popup popup window.
  2. Complete the fields as described on the Releases tab on the Enter Invitation to Bid Request Popup Window Field Reference.
  3. In the On Save of Document section, select from the following options to specify the actions to perform when you save the document:
    • Select the Create PDF check box to create a PDF file from the document form.
    • Select the View check box to view the PDF file.
    • Select the Print check box to print the PDF file.
    • Select the E-mail check box to attach the PDF file to an e-mail.
    Note: Be aware of the following requirements when working with documents and attachments:
    • The Create PDF check box and at least one other check box must be selected.
    • You must have MAPI-compliant e-mail software—such as Microsoft Outlook—installed on your computer to send an e-mail message with an attachment. All contacts on the Contacts/Routing tab with a value for the E-mail As field are included as addressees on the e-mail.
    • You must have the software required to open a PDF file—such as Adobe Reader—installed on your computer to be able to view it.
  4. Click OK to return to the Enter Invitation to Bid Requests screen.
  5. Click Save Request.
    Tip: Once you create a PDF file, you can also view it from the Binder tab. You can also send the PDF file in an email from the Binder tab, but the application will not record the activity.