Manage Invitation to Bid Selection screen

Use this screen to select vendor bids to use in estimates and update a bid day estimate with the new estimate amount. You can also choose your original estimate instead of using a vendor, which means you will purchase the materials or perform the work within your own company.

To open the Manage Invitation to Bid Selection screen, click Estimating > Invitations to Bid > Manage Invitation to Bid Selection in the All Tasks pane.

Depending how you set the During Manage ITB Selection field on the Enter Invitation to Bid Requests screen, you may be able to select individual items from a vendor bid, or you may have to select the entire vendor bid. This may lead to some items having more than one vendor selected. If a cost item has multiple vendors selected, the application will prompt you to resolve the conflicts.

Once you have selected the vendor bids to use, you can update or create a bid day instance for the estimate. You can update an existing bid day instance or create a new one. In either case, the application updates the cost item with the selected vendor and calculates the unit cost based on the ITB extended amount divided by the quantity. Cost items that are updated for invitations to bid are highlighted in beige in the Estimates tab of the Manage Estimates screen.

Note: After you manage invitation to bid selection, you may want to Make Bid Day Adjustments.