Checklist Core Configuration

To begin using the Checklist feature you must follow the steps below.

Configure your Checklist Admin: the checklist Admin is the user who will be able to create Checklist templates for other users to fill out.

  • Go to Admin > Employee Groups and create an employee group with those you wish to have this permission
  • Go to Admin > Portal Settings > Checklists > General Configuration and add your new (or existing) employee group to the portal setting User Group for Checklist Administrator Permissions.

Give Access to Checklists: all users using this feature (including Admins) will need to have been given permission to Checklists on the User Access Page (Admin > User Access > Field > Checklist column).

Modifying your Checklist Page: the following portal settings allow you to modify your Checklist page for users and Admins (found in Admin > Portal Settings > Checklists > General Configuration)

  • Hide Violation Count columns on Checklist gird allows you to hide the columns "Unresolved Violation Count", "Violation Count", and "Total Score"
    • These columns will only populate scores if your Templates are using "Numeric" Response Types (1 being bad, 3 being okay, and 5 being good).
  • Show the status for a checklist on the checklist table allows you to see if a Checklist is Submitted, Unsubmitted, or Finalized.
    • If a Checklist Template is marked as "Disable Submission" the user will not be able to submit their checklist.
    • Only a Checklist Admin can Finalize a Checklist.