Create a Checklist Lookup

To begin creating a Checklist lookup you must follow the steps below.

In order to create a Lookup for Checklists navigate to Admin > Manage Lookups.

Under Select a Lookup, the drop-down allows you to create a new lookup, or select previously created lookups for editing. To create new lookup, select Add New Lookup from the drop-down.

Specify a name for your lookup.

Create the values of your lookup manually or use SQL to override the choices available.

Manually Create Values

For each of your lookup items, enter a database value and a display value. The display value will be what the end user sees when selecting items.

You can use the arrows on the right of your items to manage what order they appear in.

Uncheck the Active checkbox to hide items from the lookup without having to delete them entirely.

You must click the Add button to add each item to your lookup after entering the database and display values.

SQL Choices Override

Create a query that matches the above example and the following criteria:

  1. All selected columns must be data type varchar.
  2. The FROM Clause is fully qualified [database].[dbo].[table].
  3. The first selected column represents the Database Value.
  4. The second selected column represents the Label in the drop-down.