Advanced Checklists - To Vista

This article outlines the steps necessary to take in order to create a checklist and push data back into any Vista form you desire.

Note: This article is designed for users that are experienced with SQL.

Getting Started

  1. Create a Checklist template. Include all fields necessary to fill in the form you desire in Vista.
  2. Create a trigger in the [KDS-HRIM] database on the ChecklistInstanceItem or ChecklistHeaderFieldValue table to push data into Vista.

Creating the PM Notes Checklist Sync

  1. Create a checklist template as shown in the image with the same names.
    Note: Lookups for these fields are included in Checklist Lookup.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.

  3. Open the attached Trigger. It is annotated inline to explain the methods.

  4. Grant Insert, Update permissions to KDSUser to the form.

  5. Run the trigger and test the checklist.