Manage Checklist Templates

Only users in the security group added to the portal setting User Group for Checklist Administrator Permissions will have access to the Manage Checklist Templates and Manage Checklists Lookups pages.

For more information about using Checklist templates, see How to Use Checklist Templates.

Select Field Tools > Checklist Templates.

Making a New Template

  • Select New Template.
  • Enter a name for the template, and select Create.
    • Select a checklist template from the grid to edit that template.

      Editing a Checklist Template

      • Rename: at the top of the screen you will see the template name. This can be changed at any time by clicking the blue rename link.

      • User Groups for Access: you must assign your checklist to a user group via this drop-down, for each template. If you do not, users (Non-Checklist Admins) will not be able to use this template.
      • Admin Group for Access: the members of this administrator group will be able to fill out this checklist template and see all other checklists of this template created by others.
      • Report RDL: allows users to override the SSRS template from the portal with a SSRS report made specifically for this template. Exported checklists will use this report output in place of the default. For more on how to modify, see Adjust Module-Specific SSRS Reports.
      • Edit Header Text: this text displays at the top of the checklist, beneath the title. This can be used for additional instructions.