Why Isn't My Checklist Report Displaying the Name of the Employee

There are two parts of every checklist lookup: the lookup itself, and how it is applied to the checklist template.

Below are some common reasons why the checklist report might not reflect the name associated with the Employee Number.

The Lookup

First, you will want to confirm your lookup is formatted properly. You can create and adjust lookups in the portal in Admin > Manage Lookups.

There are two values when designing a lookup, the ChoiceShortName and the ChoiceLongName. The ChoiceShortName is the value the database needs and the ChoiceLongName is the value that is displayed when viewing the report. The ChoiceShortName must be the KeyID of the target table for the record whose ChoiceLongName you wish to grab.

The final lookup should like:

select distinct CAST(p.KeyID as varchar(10)) as ChoiceShortName,

CAST(p.HRRef as varchar(10)) + ' - ' + p.FirstName + ' ' + p.LastName as ChoiceLongName

from kHRRM p

ORDER BY ChoiceLongName

Note: This same logic can be applied for Jobs, Project Managers, and Equipment.

The Checklist Template

When adding a lookup to your checklist template, there are three main elements: the Name, the Label, and the Type. Here we will be using an example of an all employees lookup applied to a checklist header.

The Name field refers to the actual value name in SQL, whereas the Label field defines what the end user will see. The Type defines what drop-down is being used.

For example:

  • For a lookup showing employees by name, you must put 'Employee' as the Name.
  • For a lookup showing job titles, you must put 'Job Name' as the Name.
  • For a lookup showing equipment, you must put 'Equipment' as the Name.
  • For a lookup showing project managers, you must put '%JCMP%' as the Name.

What you put as the Label does not necessary need to correspond with the Name. The Label will be the title the end user sees next to this drop-down. In this example, the end user will see 'Person' as the title of this drop-down.

Finally, you must select your drop-down from the Type field. Your drop-down will appear in the 'Drop-down - Title' format, where the title is what you have named your lookup.

Note: If you are adding an item within an item group that appears as a drop-down, you will need to select 'Drop-down' or 'Drop-down (mobile searchable)' from the Type section, and apply the lookup itself in within the Advanced Options for that field. For more on this, please refer to the Manage Checklist Templates.