Configure Daily Huddles

Before you can use Daily Huddle features, a System Admin must assign the Huddle Admin and assign users access.

After the System Admin completes the following setup, the Huddle Admin
  1. Select Admin > Employee Groups, and create a group for your Daily Huddle Admins. These users are the ones who will create Global Huddles and Global Talking points. See Create Employee Groups for details.
  2. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Daily Huddle > General Configuration, and assign the employee group that you created in step 1.
  3. Review the remaining settings in the General Configuration section. Select each portal setting title to see default values, additional details, and notes.
  4. To assign access to Daily Huddle, select Admin > User Access, and filter to Field. For all Huddle Admins and users who will be running a Daily Huddle, assign the Daily Huddle access.
    1. In the Module Bundle drop-down, select Field Tools.
    2. Select the Daily Huddle check box for applicable users.
    For more information, see Assign Users Access to Modules.
  5. After the System Admin completes configuration steps, the Huddle Admin must to complete Huddle Admin Actions in order for users to be able to create huddles and talking points.
    Note: If you are the System Admin and the Huddle Admin, log out of Field Management and then log back in before continuing to Huddle Admin Actions.