Create and Run a Daily Huddle

Daily Huddles can either be assigned,or huddle users can create and run their own huddles. Each huddle allows you to track attendance with signatures and run your meeting with prepared talking points.

  1. Select Field Tools > Huddle Dashboard.
  2. From the Huddle Dashboard, do one of the following:
    • To create a new huddle, select New Huddle, then choose a Huddle Type.
    • To begin an assigned huddle, select the huddle from the Completed and Upcoming Huddles grid.
    Note: If you have not scheduled your huddle, it will display in the These huddles need to be scheduled! grid. Select Schedule to schedule your huddle after the defined Relevant From date.
  3. Enter the huddle details as necessary. Detail fields include Huddle Title, Huddle Led By, Meeting Date, Job, Time, and General Notes.
    Note: If you are starting your huddle now, select Now and the current time will populate the Time field.
  4. Add talking points to your huddle.
    • If you are creating your own huddle or want to add additional talking points, select Add Talking Point. Search for your talking point by Work Item and Phase, then select Add.
    • If you are running a Global Huddle, which is a huddle that has been pre-assigned, you may already have talking points added.
    For details on how to create a Talking Point, see Create and Manage Talking Points.
  5. To add attendees to your list, either select individuals or choose entire crews:
    • In the Attendance field, individually search for and add attendees.
    • If you are running a huddle with the same attendees as a previous huddle, select Copy to select the previous huddle date and add those attendees to your huddle.
    • In the Crew field, search for and select a crew, then choose Add Crew. This bulk adds an entire crew of attendees at one time to a huddle.
      Note: This is only an option if crews have already been created in Field Tools > Manage Crews.
    If you have an employee that is a new hire in your attendee list, their name will be highlighted in green. New employees need to be assigned to a coach. The coach is an employee, also in the current attendee list, who will be able to shadow and help the new employee during the huddle.
  6. Select a talking point to view its contents as you run your huddle.
  7. After you have completed your huddle, have each of your attendees sign that they were present in the huddle. Next to each attendee name, select the Click to Sign, and the user will be able to sign or generate their signature.
    Note: Your huddle will not be complete until all attendees have signed.
All of your huddles, completed and upcoming, are listed on the Huddle Dashboard.