Create and Schedule a Global Huddle

Global huddles allow Huddle Admins to pre-create a huddle for their users. Users will be able to see a Global Huddle in the Huddle Dashboard, schedule the huddle, and run the huddle.

Note: The content included in a huddle is within the Talking Points added to the huddle, for information on how to create a talking point see Create and Manage Talking Points.
  1. Select Field Tools > Huddle Dashboard.
  2. Select Manage Global Huddles, and then New Global Huddle.
  3. Enter the Huddle Title this will be the name of the huddle on the Huddle Dashboard for your users.
  4. To manage when the Huddle will be appear in the These huddles need to be scheduled! box, enter the Relevant Date From and Relevant Date To dates. The huddle will only appear to be scheduled once it is the Relevant From date.
    Note: The huddle will remain in the Daily Huddle Dashboard until the Relevant To date unless you have extended the visibility time with portal setting Days after Relevant To to keep global huddles visible to foreman in the pending grid. Your System Admin can find this setting in Admin > Portal Settings > Daily Huddle > General Configuration.
  5. Select Add Talking Point, this will allow you to search for talking points you have previously created. For more details on creating talking points see Create and Manage Talking Points.
  6. When you are finished setting up your global huddle, select Published?. This will post your huddle in the These huddles need to be scheduled! section, just above their Completed and Upcoming Huddles grid. If it is not yet the Relevant Date From, your huddle will not appear until on or after this date.