Huddle Admin Actions

Before any user can begin creating Huddles and Talking points, the Huddle Admin will need to create the Huddle Types and Work Types. This configuration is only available to the Huddle Admin.

  1. Select Field Tools > Huddle Dashboard and select Manage Huddle Types. This will open a pop-up where you can create, edit, and delete your Huddle Types.
    • The Huddle Type is how you categorize your Huddles (Ex: Daily Huddle, Weekly Toolbox Talk, Safety Talk, etc…). If you are currently only planning to have one type of Huddle you only need to create one.
    • Users, including Huddle Admins, will not be able to create a huddle without first configuring a Huddle Type.
  2. Select Field Tools > Huddle Talking Pointsand select Manage Types. Each talking point is assigned a Work Type and a phase.
    • For example, if I create a Work Type called “Safety” I may create a phase called “Cold Weather”. This will allow users to easily filter through the available talking points to add to their Huddle.
  3. To create a new Work Type select Add New Work Type. After you have created your Work Type you will be able add phases to that work type. You will need to configure at least one Work Type and Phase before a user can create a Talking Point.
    • Work Types and Phases can be added and modified at any time by the Huddle Admin.

    Huddle Types and Work Types can be continually added onto as your Huddles and Talking Points expand.