Equipment Work Order Configuration

These configuration steps enable your users to be able to create, modify and close EM work orders through the equipment module.

You must be a System Admin to configure these settings.
  1. Before you begin configuring Mechanic access for your Equipment module, complete steps 1-3 in Equipment General Configuration and review the access options in step 4.
  2. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Equipment > General Configuration.
  3. Update portal setting Inventory Company locations to include for EM Work Orders (comma separated). This will determine the inventory locations available when creating or modifying a Work Order.
  4. If you need to limit the users who can be added to a work order as a Mechanic go to portal setting User Group for Mechanics. This setting allows you to select an Employee Group to make this assignment (for more details on how to create these groups see Create Employee Groups). If this setting is left blank, all active employees will be able to be assigned to a Work Order.
  5. If you need to limit materials selections to specific inventory companies, you can use the following settings: INCo's to restrict in the EM WO (blank for all) and Restrict the INCo to the user's PRCo.