Jobsite Assets Dashboard - Requesting

The Jobsite Assets Dashboard - Returning tab allows your equipment managers to assign and ship equipment to your employees / job sites.

  1. Category: Filter any equipment requests by equipment categories.
  2. Filter if Needed After: Filter by the date the Equipment is needed on site.
  3. Generate Shipping labels: After selecting an equipment or multiple equipment you would like to ship on the same packing slip, clicking this button will combine them on the same packing slip and download the packing slip.
  4. Hide Shipped Equipment: When this check box is checked, any equipment that have already had their Equipment Ship Date filled in will not be shown on your Equipment Request grid.
  5. Actual Equipment: An equipment manager can assign an equipment to fulfill this equipment request.
  6. Equipment Ship Date: An equipment manager can add the date an equipment was shipped once they have already downloaded the Shipping Labels and shipped the equipment.
  7. Download Shipping Label: Once an equipment is assigned to fulfill the request, this icon will appear allowing an equipment manager to download a packing slip for this request.