Mobile - Equipment Dashboard

On a mobile device, the Equipment Dashboard changes its view and functionality to be more useful on a smaller screen.

Users will still have access to all of the permissions for the Equipment Module, but they will only be able to view or edit one equipment at a time.

Access this page by selecting Field Tools > Equipment Dashboard.

Equipment Dashboard View

Before you select equipment, the mobile device will show a view similar to the following:

After you select a piece of equipment, equipment options display as large buttons.

Equipment Options

  • Equipment Information: Shows details about a piece of equipment available in Vista, such as the location, category, department, and VIN or serial number.
  • Open/Review Work Order: Lists all work orders for a piece of equipment. Use additional filters to limit the number of work orders shown. You can also select New WO to create a new work order. See Work Orders for details.
  • Transfer Equipment: Allows you to transfer the selected equipment from one job or location to another.
  • Update Meters: Allows you to update the hour and/or odometer readings on the selected equipment.
  • Receive Equipment: Allows you to receive equipment by job location. You can also use the Receive Equipment window to search for and add other equipment to transfer.