Work Orders

In this module, you can view all of the work orders on your equipment.

You can filter by Company, Equipment, Job, Mechanic, or by Date. You can also search by work order Description, Equipment Number, Equipment Description, Job Number, or by Job Description.

New WO

When you select New WO, you will go to the Create Work Order page. Here you can create a new work order for your equipment. Fill in your header information and then click Save Header.

Once you save the header, you will be able to add items to the Work Order and see the EQ Info button for the selected Equipment. After filling out the information for the item (Info tab), click Save Current Item. This will label item one as the item description. If you wish to add more items, click the Add Item button and fill out the required information.

You can choose to add parts to Equipment Work Orders. After you save the work order, select the Parts tab. Parts associated with this item in Vista display by default, or you can click Add Part to select parts from inventory. After you select an inventory company, enter or search for a Part Code. Complete the remaining information for the part, and click Save. To add another part, click Add Part again.