Send Invitations to Field Management Mobile

To help users download and initialize their Field Management mobile application on a device, send them an email with instructions and links.

In order for users to receive an SMS invite in addition to an email, they must have a valid mobile number on file with an associated valid carrier, or have Twilio SMS notifications set up. See Configure SMS Business Messaging or Configure SMS Messages with Twilio.

The following is a sample of the email invitation:

You must be a System or Security Admin to manage and send this email.

  1. Select Admin > User Access:
  2. To send mobile application invitations manually:
    1. Set applicable filters at the top of the page; from Module Bundle drop-down, select Crew Timecard.
    2. For any users who have been assigned FM Mobile, an envelope icon displays next to the FM Mobile check box. Select the envelope icon for an FM Mobile user, and then select Send.
  3. To send email or SMS invitations in bulk:
    1. Select the icon in the upper right of the User Access page.
    2. Select Send Bulk Mobile Invite, and then select Send.
      An email invitation is sent to all users who have permission to FM Mobile but have not been invited to download the mobile application for the selected company.
  4. To send email or SMS invitations automatically after a user has been given permission to FM Mobile, enable the portal setting: Mobile Invite: enable automatic welcome emails and text messages to new employees located under Admin > Portal Settings > Field Management Mobile > General Configuration.
    Users should receive their invitation in the next email cycle (approximately 15 minutes).
    Note: Only System Admins may access portal settings.
  5. To check the status of emails sent through the portal:
    1. Select Admin > Mail Log.
    2. From the Process Source drop-down, select New Mobile User.
      Note: The New Mobile User option displays only if mobile invitations have been sent.