Offline Time Clock Kiosk in Field Management Mobile

Compatible with iPads and Android tablets, the Offline Time Clock Kiosk allows employees to clock in and out of jobs and phases at job sites that have weak or non-existent mobile connectivity.

Users assigned as FM Kiosk Admins (on the User Access page) can open the Offline Time Clock Kiosk in the mobile app so that employees can clock in and out. During clock-in or clock-out, a picture of the employee is captured and stored. These pictures are available to review and approve during Timecard Approval and Job Time Approval.

Watch the following video for a demonstration of the Offline Time Clock Kiosk. Then see the links below for help setting up and using the kiosk.

Time collected in the Offline Kiosk is submitted to the web portal through the mobile app as usual. In the web portal, start and stop times and timecard lines associated with a timecard can be reviewed using Grid Timecards (for employees with access to FM Grid Time), on the Time Clock Dashboard (for admins), in Timecard Approval (for managers), and in Job Approval for users assigned to jobs in Vista (in JC Jobs or PM Projects).