Clock In or Out in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk in the Mobile App

Clock in or out of jobs and phases using the Offline Time Clock Kiosk in the Field Management mobile app.

FM Kiosk Admins must open the Offline Time Clock Kiosk on a device before employees can clock in or clock out.

Employees must have access to FM Mobile in order to clock in or out in the Offline Kiosk. Employees using the Time Clock must be licensed users of the web portal before they can interact with the kiosk. They can be users of HR Management, Financial Controls, Field Management, or Vista Field Service. A Field Management license is required only for the Kiosk Admins managing the kiosks.

  1. On the mobile device where the Offline Kiosk has been opened, sign in using your Employee Number.
  2. Select a Job and then select a Phase. You can use the Search box to search for a specific job or phase by number or name.
    To change the selected job or phase before clocking in, use the Edit icon .
  3. Select Continue.
    The Time Clock page opens.
    Note: Once you select a job and phase for the day, you will not need to reselect the job or phase as you clock in and out for the day. If you need to change the job or phase after you are logged in, tap the Change Task button in the upper left of the Time Clock page. This allows you to select a new job or phase. If you change your current task, the Time Clock allows you to clock in to the new job or phase. Clocking in to a new job or phase automatically clocks you out of your previous job and phase at the same time as shown on the Time Clock.
  4. Select Clock In.
    If a photo is required for clock-in and clock-out activity, the Offline Kiosk will take your picture automatically. A three-second countdown will display on the Take Picture button. Optionally, you can select Take Picture prior to selecting Clock In. After the picture is taken, you can review it and choose to retake it if necessary.
    After clocking in (or out), the process is completed, and the next employee can use the kiosk.
  5. To clock out or finalize your timesheet for the day, sign in to the Offline Kiosk again using your Field Management mobile login.
    The Time Clock page shows Work History details, including clock-in and clock-out times for all jobs and phases for the current day.
  6. To clock out for lunch or another break (without signing off for the day), select Clock Out.
    If required, another photo will be taken automatically. Optionally, you can select Take Picture prior to selecting Clock Out.
    When you return from your break, clock in as you did before.
  7. To finalize your timesheet for the day, select Finish Day.
    1. Review total time worked for the day and answer any required questions.
    2. Sign the timesheet and select Complete.
    Note: Time clocks, photos, and timecards will not be submitted to the web portal for approval until the FM Kiosk Admin exits the kiosk and submits timecard entries. Employees with access to FM Grid Time in the web portal can review their submitted timecard lines in Grid Timecards.