Open or Exit the Offline Time Clock Kiosk in the Mobile App

Users of the Field Management mobile app who have been assigned as FM Kiosk Admins in the web portal can open or exit the Offline Time Clock Kiosk in the mobile app.

A System Admin assigns FM Kiosk Admin permissions on the User Access page.
  1. As an FM Kiosk Admin, log in to the Field Management mobile app.
  2. From the home page, tap the menu button in the upper left.
  3. Select Offline Kiosk.
    The Time Clock page opens.
  4. To exit the Offline Kiosk after all hours have been entered for the day, select the gear icon in the top left of the Time Clock page.
  5. Enter your login information for Field Management mobile.
  6. Select Exit Kiosk to return to the main Timecard page in the mobile app.
    From the mobile app, you can review time collected for the day, make edits as needed, and submit time entries to the web portal. See Submit Time on the Field Management Mobile App for details.