Submit Time on the Field Management Mobile App

Submit time collected in the Field Management Mobile application or the Offline Time Clock Kiosk. Time cannot be processed or approved until it is submitted.

After you submit a timecard, it can no longer be edited on the mobile application.
Note: Progress entry is processed in Vista after it is submitted from the mobile app. If you are testing, do not submit progress entry as this will create and post those batches in Vista.
  1. After you have finished entering time, or collecting time in the Offline Kiosk, and are ready to send it for approval or processing, select Submit in the upper right of the timecard page.
  2. Choose whether to submit daily time or time by week:
    • To submit daily time, select the Daily tab (selected by default) at the top of the page. Then select the date that you would like to submit.
    • To submit time by week, select the Pay Period tab.
  3. Before submitting time, you can review time entries and productivity reports:
    Note: Productivity reports summarize hours completed to budgeted hours. These reports reflect a combination of your JC Original Estimates and JC Change Orders entered in Vista and information entered on the mobile app.
    • From the Daily tab, you can review hours by employee, earn code, and phase, or view productivity reports by date and job.
    • From the Pay Period tab, you can review pay period time by employee or job, or view productivity reports by date and job.
  4. After you are finished reviewing timecard information, from the Daily or Pay Period tab, select Review & Submit Timecard at the bottom of the page.
    An Employee Allocations page opens.
  5. Select an employee's name to allow that employee to review hours, clock-in/out times, answer any assigned questions, and sign off on the timecard.
  6. After all employees have signed off, return to the Employee Allocations page, and select Submit at the bottom of the page.
    A pop-up window displays prompting you to confirm the date or pay period for the timecard before submitting it.
After time has been submitted, start and stop times and timecard lines associated with a timecard can be reviewed in the web portal using Grid Timecards (for employees with access to FM Grid Time), on the Time Clock Dashboard (for admins), in Timecard Approval (for managers), and in Job Approval for users assigned to jobs in Vista (in JC Jobs or PM Projects).