Configure Crews

The Crews feature allows users to add groups of employees to your Grid Timecard and Field Ticket.

You must be a Timecard Admin and a System Admin to configure this feature.
  1. Crews are enabled on the Grid Timecard Settings page per PR Group (Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Settings) by enabling the setting Enable Copy by Crews.
    Note: The Crews feature is only available in Field Management.
  2. Crews can be configured in Vista’s PR Crews or through the portal’s Manage Crews feature:
    • To create crews in Vista go to Payroll > Programs > PR Crews. Each crew must be assigned a PR Group and Crew members.Crews can only be deleted in Vista.
    • Other features on the PR Crews form, such as Earning Code Overrides, are not supported in the portal.
    • To create crews in the portal go to Field Tools > Manage Crews. On this page you will be able to edit existing crews and create new crews.
      • By default this page is only available to the Timecard Admin. If you would like some users to have permission to edit Crews they have permission to, create an Create Employee Groups with those users and assign it to portal setting User Group with Access to Manage Crews (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Grid Timecard). Users who create crews are automatically assigned permission to that crew.
    Note: Users are still restricted on who they have permission to enter (Approval Permissions Fields). If a crew contains employees that the crew users do not have permission to, those employees will not be added to the card. Users who have permission to create crews will only be able to add employees to their crew that they have permission to.
  3. For users to be able to add Crews to their FM Grid Timecard or Field Ticket Crews must be assigned in the Data Security page. Permission to this page is restricted to the System and Security Admin.
    • Select Admin > Data Security.
    • Filter the Data Type to Mobile & Web – Crews. On this page you will see all crews and can assign Create Employee Groups (Add Groups) or individual users (Add Employees) permission to your crews. For more detail on this page see Data Security Fields.
    After you have configured Crews, users will be able to copy new lines (add a Row, then use Copy button) to their crews and / or add crews to the payroll section of the Field Ticket.