Configure Field Ticket Approval

Approval for Field Tickets is assigned in JC Jobs/PM Projects in Vista.

Those assigned are able to approve time in Job Time Approval (Approval > Job Time Approval) and/or the Field Ticket Dashboard if enabled (Field Tools > Field Ticket Dashboard).
  1. In Vista, go to Project Management > Programs > PM Projects. Select the Info tab and find the Reviewer Groups section. The logic for which reviewer group the portal will use for the approval assignment is as follows:
    • If the Invoice Reviewer Group is filled in, and Timesheet is not filled in, the portal will use the Invoice reviewer group.
    • If Timesheet and Invoice has a reviewer group assigned, the portal will use Timesheet Reviewer Group.
    • In addition to the Reviewer Groups assigned on the Info Tab, you can also use the Reviewers assigned on the Reviewers Tab. This will be additive to the Invoice or Timesheet Reviewer group. The portal does not look at the Reviewer Type.
      • If you have reviewers assigned on the Reviewers tab that you do not want to include you can enable portal setting Ignore Reviewers on JC Job / PM Projects tab (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Job Approval).
    Note: Your reviewers must be connected to the PR Employee through the VA User, see Set Up a Reviewer in Vista for help on checking this connection.
  2. If you have enabled Material Use or Progress Entry on your Field Ticket, you will need to enable portal setting Enable Field Ticket Approval (Admin > Portal Settings > Field Tickets > General Configuration). This will allow those assigned to the Job in JC Jobs to be able to approve the ticket from the Field Ticket Dashboard (Field Tools > Field Ticket Dashboard).
    Note: Material Use and Progress Entry entered on a Field Ticket will not go into Vista unless the ticket is approved from the Field Ticket Dashboard.
  3. To enable Emails to go to your approvers, letting them know they have something to approve, go to Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Timecard Settings.
    • To enable emails to go to your approvers for each Field Ticket that is submitted, activate Enable Active Notification on Submitted Timecards to Approvers.
    • To enable one notification per day to approvers activate portal setting Enable Approval Reminder emails to managers. No more than 1 email is sent per reviewer within a 24 hour period.