Change a UD Field Name in Daily Reports or Field Tickets

Change the name of a custom field or custom grid header being used in Daily Reports and Field Tickets.

  1. In Vista, select Project Management > Programs > PM Daily Logs:
    1. Select the relevant tab.
    2. Select the field that you want to rearrange in the portal, and press F3 to open Field Properties.
    3. Select the System Overrides tab.
    4. To change the name of a field on the Info tab in Daily Reports (or General Information tab in Field Tickets), enter the desired name in the Form Label field.
    5. To change the name of a field on a grid tab (such as Employees or Equipment), enter the desired name in the Col Heading field.
    6. Select Apply.
    7. When prompted to save changes and reload the form, select OK.
      The new field name is reflected in Vista and the portal.
  2. To update the UD field to your portal:
    1. In the portal, select Admin > Portal Settings.
    2. Select the Refresh Synonyms button.
      Tip: Refresh synonyms during off-peak hours at your company. The portal may be unavailable for a few minutes during the refresh. After this process is finished, you may need to log out of the portal and then sign in again to see the changes.