Create a UD Field for Daily Reports and Field Tickets

Create a user-defined field in Vista for use in Daily Reports and Field Tickets in your portal.

  1. To create a user-defined field:
    1. In Vista, select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Fields Wizard.
    2. Select Add Custom Field, and then select Next.
    3. In the field that asks What form the custom field will go on?, press F4 and select PMDailyLog from the list.
      • User-defined fields that you add to the PMDailyLog form in Vista are added to the Info tab in Daily Reports and the General Information tab in Field Tickets.
      • If you want to add the custom field to a different tab (for example, Employees or Subcontractors), select the relevant PMDailyLog subform (for example, PMDailyLogEmpl or PMDailyLogSubs).
    4. In Name the custom field, give the custom field a name beginning with the letters ud. For example: udRentalRate. Then enter a description for the field.
    5. Choose the general input type for the field. For example, text or numeric.
    6. Decide if this field will Use a pre-defined data type. Press F4 with your cursor in this field for a list of predefined data types.
    7. Select Next.
    8. Depending on the predefined data type that you selected, different wizard windows may follow. For example, if this is a text field or a field without a predefined data type, the wizard prompts you to enter the number of characters to store in the custom field (the default is 30 characters).
    9. Select Next.
    10. In the window that prompts you to Configure the control that captures the [input type] data:
      • In Form Label, enter the display name for the custom field. For example, Rental Rate.
      • An example of how the field will display shows at the bottom of the wizard window.
    11. Select Next.
    12. Optionally, create validations for the custom field, and select Next.
    13. When you have completed the custom field setup, select Finish in the final window of the wizard.
  2. To add the UD field to your portal:
    1. In the portal, select Admin > Portal Settings.
    2. Select the Refresh Synonyms button.
      Tip: Refresh synonyms during off-peak hours at your company. The portal may be unavailable for a few minutes during the refresh. After this process is finished, you may need to log out of the portal and then sign in again to see the changes.