Add a UI Sequence to your Grid or Field Ticket Timecard

If you need to capture the sequence of when a timecard line was entered, you can add a user defined field “udSort” to your Grid Timecard Layout.

  1. In Vista, add "udSort" field to PR Timecard Entry in VA Custom Fields Wizard as a “Numeric” input type (Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Fields Wizard).
  2. In Field Management, select Admin > Portal Settings and select Refresh Synonyms. This will update the links between the portal and Vista, adding the new field to the portal.
  3. Select Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Layouts and add the new “udSort” field to the Row Groups column and select Save Layout for all applicable payroll group layouts.
    After the new field is added, the portal will begin adding the sequence the entries were added in this field automatically. When using the Copy function on the Grid Timecard the new line will be added on top of the original instead of below.
    Note: If you do not want users to be able to adjust the number, make this field read only on the Grid Timecard Settings page (Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Layouts).