Create a Custom Lookup for Field Tickets

The JC Field Ticket field can be added to standard or grid timecards.

Time entries associated with a field ticket can be shown on the Field Ticket PDF report. To configure this feature, first create a custom lookup for the Field Ticket field in Vista. Then add the Field Ticket field to standard or grid timecards, making it dependent on the job.
  1. In Vista, select User Database > Programs > UD User Defined Lookups.
    1. On the Info tab, enter udFieldTicket.
    2. Give the lookup a Title. For example, ud PR Field Ticket.

    3. In FromClause, enter JCJM with (nolock).
    4. For the Where Clause, enter the following:
      JCFT.Status = 'O' AND JCJM.JCCo=? AND JCJM.Job=?
    5. For the Join Clause, enter the following:
      INNER JOIN JCFT with (nolock) ON JCFT.JCCo = JCJM.JCCo AND JCFT.Contract = JCJM.Contract
    6. In Order by column, enter 1.
    7. Select the Details tab.

    8. Add a JCFT.FieldTicket column:
      • ColumnName = JCFT.FieldTicket
      • ColumnHeading = Field Ticket
      • InputType = 1-Numeric
      • InputLength = 0
    9. Add a JCFT.Description column:
      • ColumnName = JCFT.Description
      • ColumnHeading = Ticket Description
      • InputType = 0-String
      • InputLength = 60
    10. Save your changes.
  2. In Vista, add the custom lookup to the Field Ticket field in PR Timecard Entry.

    1. Select Payroll > Programs > PR Timecard Entry.
    2. Select an existing batch or open a new one a batch.
    3. On the Info tab, select the Field Ticket field, and press F3 to open field properties.
    4. In the Field Seq# drop-down, select 70 - Field Ticket.
    5. On the Lookups tab, add the udFieldTicket field, and set it as Active.
    6. Save your changes.
  3. In the employee portal, make the Field Ticket field visible on timecards:
    1. For grid timecards, add the Field Ticket field to the Row Group in Grid Timecard Layouts.
    2. For standard timecards, select Employee Tools > Timecard Settings. Locate the Field Ticket field in the list, and set the Visibility to Editable.
  4. In the employee portal, make the Field Ticket field dependent on the job:
    1. Select either Employee Tools > Timecard Settings or Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Settings.
    2. Locate the Job field in the list, and select the Advanced button for that field.
    3. In the Job Advanced Settings pop-up, add FieldTicket to the list of Dependent Fields. If you already have dependent fields listed, be sure to separate multiple entries with a comma and no spaces.
      For example: Phase,Cert,EquipPhase,FieldTicket.
When users enter timecard lines, field tickets linked to the selected job display in the Field Ticket drop-down.