Exclude Phases from Progress Entry

During the course of a job, you may want to hide certain phases from the progress entry report.

  1. In VA Custom Fields Wizard, create a user defined field on JCPM (Job Cost Phases, formerly Job Cost Phase Master). Then select the custom field, udHideFromProgress. The capitalization and spelling have to be correct for this to work. For the general type of input, select 0-Text and check the box for "Use a pre-defined data type." Type in bYN. Select Next.
  2. In the next screen of the wizard, you can give this a form label and a Grid Column Heading text.
    • This could be as simple as Hide from Progress?
  3. In the third screen of the wizard, you can leave default information.
  4. In the fourth screen of the wizard, you can specify how the field should default. If you select Y, all new phases entered in will be hidden from the progress entry report until you act otherwise. If you select N, then you will need to go to JC Phases and select the check box to hide the phase.
  5. In JC Phases, you can adjust the location of the field to suit your needs by right-clicking in the form and selecting Move Custom Fields. This is also where you will make your selections to include or exclude the phase.
  6. In the portal, you will need to refresh your synonyms after making this change. In the Navigation Bar, select Admin > Portal Settings. From the Portal Info screen, midway in the screen, you'll see Administrative Actions. Select Refresh Synonyms.
    • A warning displays temporarily taking the portal offline.