Progress Entry Configuration

Configure settings for Progress Entry in Field Management.

Only System Admins may access portal settings.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Progress Entry > General Configuration.
  2. Enable the Job Cost companies that you want to make available for Progress Entry in the setting JC Companies to include for Progress Entry (comma separated) setting to with portal setting JC Companies to include for Progress Entry. Separate multiple companies with a comma and no spaces. For example: 1,2.
  3. All users have access to edit and submit progress entries by default. To restrict the ability to submit progress entries to a particular set of users, create an Employee Group and assign that group to the portal setting User Group to enable Progress Entry Submission.
  4. To restrict users who can approve times on the Production Approval dashboard, enable portal setting Restrict Production Approval to Job Time Approvers.
    For more information on Job Time Approval, see Configure Job Approval.
  5. If you want production units submitted through Progress Entry (and the FM Mobile app) to go through Production Approval instead of being processed automatically, enable the portal setting Enable Progress Entry Approval.
  6. Review the other settings under General Configuration for additional modifications. These settings are not required to enable this module but should be reviewed.
    Note: Some settings require user-defined fields in Vista. Be sure to select the setting name to view details on how to add these fields.
  7. To assign access to Progress Entry:
    1. Select Admin > User Access.
    2. From the Module Bundle drop-down, select Field Tools.
    3. Select the Progress Entry check box for applicable users.

    For more information, see Assign Users Access to Modules.