Create a Quick PO

A Quick PO allows you to fill in your PO header information and quickly create a PO number.

This reserves the PO number until you return to the PO Dashboard > PO Requisitions & Reserved POs and add all necessary line items and submit your PO.
  1. Select Field Tools or Financial Controls > Purchasing > PO Quick Create.
    Note: You can also create a Quick PO from the PO Dashboard by selecting +New > PO Quick Create.
  2. Enter the required fields, which are marked by a red asterisk.
  3. Select Reserve PO Number. This creates a PO header in Vista and assigns you a PO number.
  4. To enter full details and submit the PO, select Financial Controls or Field Tools > Purchasing PO Dashboard, and select PO Requisitions & Reserved POs. Use filters and the search bar to find your PO.
  5. Select your PO and enter the required details.
  6. Select Submit PO.