Pending PO Review

After a user has submitted a Pending PO, those assigned in Vista's WF Workflow will be able to review, approve, and reject in the portal.

  1. Select Approval > Purchase Order Review. If you have items to review you will see a number next to Approval in the navigation bar.
  2. To view the full details or edit the Pending PO, select the drop-down on the far right and select Edit / View Detail.
    Note: If you modify the PO it will be removed from your approval grid and return to the submitter to re-submit.
  3. To Approve a Pending PO, select the green arrow on the far right. If you need to approve multiple POs, select the corresponding box on the left for each PO you would like to include and then select Approve. Follow the same process to Reject. On Approval, reviewers have the option to enter notes, on Rejection, notes are required. These notes are recorded in the PO Pending Purchase Order header Notes tab.
  4. After a Pending PO has been approved (either by going through the full workflow or the highest leveled approver has approved it), those with access to PO Pending will see in on PO Dashboard > Pending Purchase Orders. Select the approved PO and select Process.
    Note: If your reviewers are not seeing the item in Purchase Order Review in the portal, and they are assigned via VA User Profile, please confirm the user's PRCo and Employee number are both filled in and associated with a single VA User Profile.